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22 Jan

Hello all! As some of you may, or may not know, I made a decision a month ago to work on my drawing/sketching/character design skills.

So I’ve decided to post some of my weekly sketches on here! They are just practice, and usually have a source of inspiration or a key feature. My goal is to be able to push my character designs further, develop better drawing skills through replication and repetition, and to keep being creative!

I have a competition on my Facebook, that whoever answers a riddle, I will draw them a picture inspired by the riddle. Yesterday’s riddle was “Who can shave 25 times a day, and still have a beard?”

Answer: A Barber!


I was inspired by shel Silverstein and my acquaintance, Alicia Eisen’s stop motion character design. I wanted to try and replicate something with a similar feel. It was really good practice!

I like pistachios too Mr. Schwartz.

Play next week to win!