Kids spot Animation

17 Jan


I am currently taking my dinner break as my partner takes over the rest of today’s animation quota.

That’s right! Animation has officially commenced today! We’ll be done in 6 days. That’s enough time for Ringleader Pistachio to get his diva on.

Funny thing happened as I was recording myself for Pistachio’s performance reference. As much as I’ve been listening to the song sing the months of the year, been cutting out each month of the year, previs animating the lip synch saying the months of the year….on the take I liked, I messed up and skipped over may and went straight to June. Apparently I shouldn’t be teaching kids this haha.

Here are some pics of our first shot’s set up and Brian animating.







As you can see, the camera’s on our home built wormgear for the tracking shot, and we put a black wrap snoot on a light on a tripod (easy to pan!) for the Ringleader’s spotlight. It’s also on a dimmer to animate up and down.

Yay to dragon for their software!

Next post will be the finished project! Keep checking back!


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