L.A. Land vs. Berkebee

25 Feb

Greetings from Los Angeles!

So after the most bizarre flight – A woman had a heart attack an hour into the flight, 2 doctors on the plane saved her life, and the plane had to turn around back to NYC. (Oh, and this was after a guy got kicked off the flight due to his threatening actions towards a stewardess) I have safely arrived in LA 3 days ago. Seems like the Gods really didn’t want me to leave NYC.

It’s official. Berkebee is Bi-coastal. I now have an apartment in both cities…although I am certain this is only because I am having a hard time accepting that I won’t live in NYC for a year. I feel this blog is officially going to turn into “Adventures of an East Coast Girl in an LA world”

I am very excited to be here reguardless. I’ve been picked up to be an assistant animator and coordinator for the animation department on Robot chicken’s 6th season. Very good promise of becoming an full animator by the end of the season.

I’m playing this Day by Day. No big plans or expectations, just working hard to do what i love. even if that means leaving everything and everyone I love behind for a bit. Guess it’s a price you pay for pursuing your dream as a career driven modern gal. Don’t I sound like Carrie Bradshawl now?



Sketched this on the plane for AJ who won my weekly riddle. It took me awhile to draw it due to my relocation. This sketch was inspired by a Strand Physicist from Holland named Balt who kept me entertained throughout our ridiculous flight adventure from NYC-LA. He described what he did for a living as, “You know Sheldon from The Big Bang Thoery? Well I am him. But less awkward maybe.”


Cheers everyone! Wish me luck!


Sesame Street Kid’s Spot FINISHED!

2 Feb

My 3 week Sesame Street Months of the Year spot is wrapped!

Aside from some difficulty of last minute changes from the client…who then forced us to do some things in post that we would have rather done practically (if we had time and knew ahead of time…) I am pretty happy with this spot for the small budget and tight time constraint we had!

Enjoy! What do you think?

More sketching

31 Jan

This is weekly prize #2 for my weekly riddle game! I’m getting better at sketching what’s in my kind without inspiration, which is cool.

Marjoree was nervous about her upcoming bowling tournament…



22 Jan

Hello all! As some of you may, or may not know, I made a decision a month ago to work on my drawing/sketching/character design skills.

So I’ve decided to post some of my weekly sketches on here! They are just practice, and usually have a source of inspiration or a key feature. My goal is to be able to push my character designs further, develop better drawing skills through replication and repetition, and to keep being creative!

I have a competition on my Facebook, that whoever answers a riddle, I will draw them a picture inspired by the riddle. Yesterday’s riddle was “Who can shave 25 times a day, and still have a beard?”

Answer: A Barber!


I was inspired by shel Silverstein and my acquaintance, Alicia Eisen’s stop motion character design. I wanted to try and replicate something with a similar feel. It was really good practice!

I like pistachios too Mr. Schwartz.

Play next week to win!

Kids spot

19 Jan

Animating today like it’s my job.

Oh wait.

it is.

Kids spot Animation

17 Jan


I am currently taking my dinner break as my partner takes over the rest of today’s animation quota.

That’s right! Animation has officially commenced today! We’ll be done in 6 days. That’s enough time for Ringleader Pistachio to get his diva on.

Funny thing happened as I was recording myself for Pistachio’s performance reference. As much as I’ve been listening to the song sing the months of the year, been cutting out each month of the year, previs animating the lip synch saying the months of the year….on the take I liked, I messed up and skipped over may and went straight to June. Apparently I shouldn’t be teaching kids this haha.

Here are some pics of our first shot’s set up and Brian animating.







As you can see, the camera’s on our home built wormgear for the tracking shot, and we put a black wrap snoot on a light on a tripod (easy to pan!) for the Ringleader’s spotlight. It’s also on a dimmer to animate up and down.

Yay to dragon for their software!

Next post will be the finished project! Keep checking back!

Kids television spot continued

9 Jan

Brian and I have been busy on this sesame street gig. We will commence animation this Thursday!


This is our completed set. Since we can’t have any rig removal (lack of funds and time) we are shooting the months on glass mid-stage.


Brian’s sculpting “pistachio’s” replacement mouth. The replacement’s seam will be hidden by a large manly ringleader mustache…straight Williamsburg style.


“eeeee!!!” exclaimed pistachio.


Puck fetched me my clamps.

Stay tuned for more!